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01:16 PM,Mar 16
Matthew Huffine
MWA Presents the "ABC's of water... more...
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Today's Water Wisdom

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John Thorson

Water links us to our neighbor in a way more profound and complex than any other. Indian Water Rights p. 21

"Gateway" to The Mojave Watershed's 

Water Wise Education

Mojave Water Education Kiosk // Your Water - Mojave Water Agency //

 Mojave Water Basin Interactive Map (USGS)

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Resources you might need to use or view activities on this web site

Providing resources for?

drop  Building a Global Perspective of Water Availability.

drop  Building an Understanding of Water Storage, Transfer and Cycles a related Glossary of Water Education Terminology.

drop  Building an Appreciation for the many Beneficial Uses of Water.

drop  Orienting Local Water Users to the Supply and Demand of Their Regional Water Resources.

drop Water Quality Information Briefs

drop  Understanding How Water Resources are Being Managed to Maintain Adequate Water Quantity and Quality, Safe for Drinking and Other Beneficial Uses Now and into the Future.

drop  Assisting Water Users to Reduce Water Consumption.

drop  The Promotion and Assistance of Local and Regional Water Study and Water Education.shy Water Wise Education Materials big grin Free to Teachers!  

drop  A sample outline of ideas for a  Field trip  to the Lewis Center's Mojave River Wildlands Water Walk (targeting 4,5-7th grade students based on California State Science Standards).

drop  To Connect Local and Regional Water NewsProviders, Educators, Managers, Providers and Engineers and engage them in Dialog with High Desert Teachers, Students and Water Users.

drop  Assisting Educators by Connecting Water Education to the California Science Content Standards for grades K-3, 4, 5-7 , 8-12 and Resources aligned with State Standards.

drop  Connect with the Water Wise Education team @

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Who is learning to be "Water Wise"?

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Why should I learn to be wise with water ? ... The availability of clean, fresh, liquid water is one of the basic resources that make it possible for humans to prosper in any corner of our planet. As the demand for water increases with the local and regional population, relatively fixed local and regional water resources have been and will increasingly become less of a "sustainable" and more of a "mined" resource; one that will increasing become more scarce and less economical to recover.

Encouraging, educating and assisting water users to reduce their water consumption in order to help entire communities live within the "carrying capacity" of their watershed's resources is the goal of For more information about the WWE email your request to or